Welcome to my website!

This is where I keep all the main information about me, if you ever come by the link (which is mainly in my Discord profile's "about me").

This is my very first website made from scratch w/ HTML and CSS. Not sure if you expected a huge thing, but maybe in the future it'll be larger with more information.

I never adventured in this before, so if there's any issues with the website, let me know! I am a member in the r/neocities Discord server, but feel free to contact me via other social media - @anansimaxine pretty much everywhere.

My name's AnansiMaxine, but feel free to call me Anansi!

I am 22 years old, male, from Portugal. I mainly speak Portuguese and English, and a tiny bit of other languages.

My likes are:

  • Cars - a bit of all, but mostly japanese tuner cars (I LOVE the Nissan S-chassis - like the S15 on the banner and the KS13 on the background), although I also really enjoy some Mercedes, Porsche 911s and American Muscle cars ('67 Mustang by beloved). As if it wasn't obvious enough, I like old cars.
  • Music - I tend to listen to mostly eletronic, but more specifically wave, ambient, chillstep and (EDM) traprun.
  • Photography - I prefer to capture and enjoy urban environments and cars, both in real life and in video games (like Gran Turismo 7).
  • Videogames - primarily racing games and first person shooters. I suck at all games anyways.

I do own a car myself, a 1990 Toyota Corolla Star Van (1.8d). Pretty slow, old, a bit dangerous, but it's one of the best shitbox experiences you can have!

Thank you for checking out my website! Feel free to sign in the guestbook below.